Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Supplementation, Redux

Did I really get a comment on my blog from Michael Rae? Isn't that like a bike racer having Lance Armstrong comment on his blog?

It seems all I need to do is propose a reckless supplementation program to get individualized attention!

His response was so thorough that I felt compelled to repost his initial recommendations for anyone who is reading my blog and maybe didn't read the comments. Also, I'm finding it difficult to do much original posting now that the semester is in full swing AND I'm working. I'm also not eating as well--I'm having "growing pains" as I figure out how to do CR on the run. I do believe establishing that "quotidian diet" will help with that. And the MegaMuffin!

The good news, I suppose, is that my weight loss stopped, and that's good while I figure out what I'm doing. No sense melting away at too fast a pace for good health and longevity.

MR says:

Congrats on doing this carefully, supplementing nutrients that you need based on detailed nutrition analysis rather than just shotgunning everything. Do have a look at the following for some principles for supplementation: ... and the products based on this research (whose writeups give much of the above info in more compressed form):

See my important disclosure here:


[link currently broken :( ]

Wow--thanks MR!


Deborah said...

We're not worthy...we're not worthy...

You are a CRON Newbi God now Chris.....

You'll get it together Chris I'm sure as far as the time crunch. That's my forte. Much as I hate to say it...it means about 1/2 hour less sleep in the morning...in order to get up and get breakfast, lunch and snacks together for me...and lunches for the kids. A little extra time on Sunday's doesn't hurt portioning out food and planning. Invest in a very cool lunch bag that doubles as a back-pack and you are literally good to go. (Check out Totes..boring but great stuff)
I started shopping for the Megamuffin Baking Event and I'm a little bit in awe that you got all the ingredients together and actually did it!!

Take care!

Calyb said...

Now would you consider that a "comment" or a book report.....ewww...I am SO jealous! Just kidding! Cool that you got such detailed info....MR if you are out there; Pick ME! I wanna be next!

Deborah said...

WOW! I just read that PDF on the Vitamin & Mineral research. Yikes. I always thought I researched my multi-s so well. Evidentially, not even close.

Thank you so much Chris for providing those links...they are MUST reading for everyone!


April said...

MR is very proud of all of you.

Did you guys ever read the entry I wrote on supplementation back when I was a newbie trying to get MR's attention? I thought I was rather blatantly hitting on him... I mean, asking for advice. :)

I'll post the link to my blog.

love a

April said...

Chris, you promised us an entry. Where is the entry? Your fans are waiting!



Anonymous said...

Yes, please... another "Gratuitous Musing" would be quite nice.

The pressure is on!

Mike J.

Calyb said...

Where's my blogging beauty??? Hey man, no pressure...hehehe!