Monday, December 31, 2007

Getting into the "Zone"

I'm quietly getting myself into the zone--no, not the Twilight Zone, although sometimes it feels that way (and probably reads that way to you, gentle readers).

I'm resuming CRON tomorrow, January 1st. It's not a New Year's Resolution-thing (see my previous post for thoughts on that). I'm not making any resolutions or promises. But despite all that, I find it hard not to look at January 1 as an opportunity for a fresh start, symbolically. And also to use that symbolism as a mental tool to free myself of the past. To shed 2007 like an old cloak that I no longer wish to wear. It's still there if I want to look at it, but it's not hanging on me, weighing me down. Symbolically unburdened of all the dramas I've been wallowing in lately, I can enjoy the beginning of the new year, savor each new moment as it comes, and not need to view it through the lens of the past. Sounds good, doesn't it? Well, that's my aspiration. Reality will be somewhere between that and where I am now, I'm sure.

So I'm getting my mind into the CRON zone by tinkering with CRON-O-Meter today, plugging in foods that I know I have on hand, and seeing what sort of menus I can come up with for the next several days that fit the basic CRON scenario.

I'm also quite literally adopting "The Zone" as my macro-nutrient target. I know many CRONistas (thanks for the great new name, April!) use Zone-like ratios. I've researched The Zone but have not read Sears's book itself. But I'm aware that reducing inflammation by achieving some sort of hormonal balance through proper diet and nutrition is part of the plan. And reducing inflammation is something I very much need. I am a bundle of aches and pains these days. Some are brought on by the mechanical stress of extra weight burdening my joints. But I think some are definitely caused by diet issues and hormonal imbalances. And I also know that I do much better at lower carbohydrate levels, in terms of energy, mood, and all-around sense of well-being.

So, I've started the process of planning my diet out for the next few days. I'm in the position of being a little too broke at the moment for an all-out grocery shopping blitz this week to stock up on CRON-friendly foods, so I'm needing to work with what's in the pantry already with just a few additions. This means I need to plan carefully. I'll also need to take supplements because I'm probably not going to be able to balance nutrients as well as I'd like until I can do more grocery shopping for veggies.

So I'm optimistic, ready for change, ready for what comes. At the same time, I know myself pretty well, and I know my challenge will arrive not tomorrow, or the next day, but in a week, in a month. Sustaining good habits and behavior when temptations arrive to tease me with the promise of instant gratification. Staying present in the moment, being willing to endure the discomfort of predictability and boredom, perhaps pangs of hunger, an overwhelming desire and appetite for escape--these are the bugaboos that await me. I don't know when they will strike, but when they do (and they will), I have the opportunity to experience personal growth. And in that sense, perhaps I will remember to welcome their appearance and embrace the pain.

I will see you all on the other side, in 2008!

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April said...

Yea Chris! I'm so happy you're back! Yea yea yea!

Don't worry about being CR perfect. None of us are. Well, except MR, but he has a whole bunch of other faults!

love, april