Monday, January 01, 2007

In the Beginning...

I first started seriously considering doing CRON in mid-November or so, and began the process of obtaining the (free) software and learning how to use it, joining several great e-mail lists for information and support, and reading "The Longevity Diet" by Lisa Walford and Brian M. Delaney. I also spent hours upon hours reading websites and doing research into food and nutrients, health conditions like high blood pressure and high cholesterol--both of which I live with. I questioned the wisdom of starting CRON right before the holidays, so I decided to start on January 1st. And I did!

The table below gives some basic starting data that I was able to compile myself. I perhaps didn't use the most scientific means (for example, my BMI was calculated only based on height and weight), but I'm most interested in tracking positive trends and changes (hopefully downward for most measurements), rather than having the most precise measurements.

I hope to get more accurate data in January 2007, when I'll be able to make an appointment at the "Human Performance Lab" where I go to school at the University of Illinois at Chicago. There I hope to have a wide variety of more accurate tests performed.

Body Measurements
Thigh (measured at widest point)
Belly (measured at widest point)
Upper arm/bicep (unflexed)
BMI (as determined using this online calculator)
Waist to Height Ratio
Lean Body Mass
167.2 Lb
Amount Overweight
46.9 pounds
BP (w/o lisinopril 5mg)
Calorie Targets
Minimum Calories to Maintain Current Weight
I believe I consume upwards of 3000 calories/day, routinely. But according to the online calculator I used, these are the data.
Suggested Target Calorie Consumption
This amount is supposed to allow for 2.5 lbs per month, according to the above-mentioned calculator. I prefer to lose weight at the rate of 2 lbs per week, so I'm going to be more aggressive in my targets.
My Target Calorie Consumption
This amount should allow for a 2 lb/week weight loss (assuming a 7000/wk reduction in calories, or 1000/day. If weight loss goes too fast, I'll add more calories. I've resumed bicycling to work, totalling an hour of pedaling at a moderate pace five days a week, so I am burning more calories than before, as well. So I'll wait until a week or two has passed, average my weight, and see if I need to add calories.
My Target Macro Nutrient Ratio
30/40/30 (protein/carb/lipid)
I may experiment with upping protein to 40 and reducing carb to 30, but for now while I learn how to eat this way, the lower protein requirement is easier to manage.
Start Date: January 1, 2007
Starting Weight
January 1 220
Goal #1:
February 1
Goal #2:
March 1
Goal #3:
April 1
Goal #4:
May 1
Goal #5:
June 1
Goal #6:
July 1
Goal #7:
August 1


Calyb said...

Wow! Great work!! I like your chart....give me a few months and I will post one for myself too! I hope you check it out. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting. I like the little community we are building. Peace and happy CR to ya!

April said...

Hi Chris!

I'm so glad you're blogging!

Yikes, you're target calorie level is way too low. Way, way too low. That's about what I eat and I'm a 5'2 102 pound female. Even 1962 is too low, IMO. MR is 6 feet even and weighs 115 eating 1913. We know for sure cause he never eats anything that is not weighed, measured and calculated. Granted, he's a skinny guy to begin with (was 145 pre CR eating all he could!) but the point remains... 1300 is too low.

If you drop cals too fast, you'll have all sorts of negative side effects, including losing the life-extension benefits of CR.

I don't mean to be critical, I just want you to stay safe and get the max benefits.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

Welcome to CR. I added a link to your blog from my own CR website:

I like your blog. I find the white on black a little difficult to read, but that may just be my monitor.

I started out like you by guessing at what calorie level I should be at. Then kept a daily log of my weight and averaged over a week. If the weekly averages fell too fast, I upped my calories. I started at 1400 to 1500 (5'7", 160 lb at the time,now 130 - 135). I can maintain my new weight at 1750 calories per day.

Best of luck. Don't get discouraged if you get off CR from time to time or if your weight does not drop fast enough. I think you are smart to limit weight loss to 2 lb per week. I would definitely not go over that. I found it tough, but doable, to get 100% nutrition at 1400 calories.